Justin Abbasi and Presley Leopard


Compare and contrast the results of evolution in plants and animals.

Initial Model:



Due to the fact that all organisms came from one original organism, modern plants and animals are inevitably similar and, therefore, must be similar in some of their processes of evolution. However, due to the millions of years of evolution they have diverged into very different organisms and therefore have become inevitably in their genetics.


Plants and animals' evolutionary processes are similar in various aspects, such as their poor ability to interpret incoming messages and development of robust signaling system along with their coincidentally similar processes for survival. However, they are different for various other characteristics such as their phenotypical and genotypical characteristics and cellular process of division. Furthermore, animal life is approximately 3.65 billion years older than plant life on Earth and would therefore allow animals to have become more developed and evolved throughout that time.

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Final Model:



Since all organisms derived from one original organism, modern plants and animals have been left with similar characteristics after both going through different processes of evolution. For example, both have robust signaling systems and have developed into organisms which are able to become well-adapted to their environment. One can see that they're different through their different processes, such as photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Also, animals have been in existence much longer than plants; therefore, their abilities and characteristics are far more developed than plants. Another difference is that their color varies; most plants being green due to their chloroplast and animals normally are other colors, colors that better suit their environment most likely remain more dominant in the colors of the animals