Day 1: Organizing "What We Know" and "What We Don't Know"

Evolution - the accumulation of favorable variations in a population over time.
1. In your notebook, identify two things you know and two things you don't know about evolution.
2. Participate in a whole class discussion about your knowledge of natural selection and evolution.
3. Generate a concept map of "what we know"

Day 2: Generating a Consensus Model

1. Merge two or three groups and generate 1 map that is agreed upon by all members.
2. Upload this revised concept map to this wiki page.
3. Each student should then review the three maps generated by their class and think about which map best represents the classes current understanding? What would you change? remove? add? Be prepared to share your ideas in class on Day 3.

Day 3: Identifying a Claim/Generating an Initial Model

A scientific model is a representation of an idea or set of ideas that explain a natural process or phenomenon.

1. Participate in a whole class discussion to generate 1 consensus concept map per class.
2. Participate in a discussion about the qualities of scientific models and how to generate an evidence based argument.
3. Choose a question from Day 1 (here) that interests you and rephrase the question into a scientific claim. In other words, take a stand on the question.
4. Generate an initial model based on your concept map.
5. Research your statement and find a real world example that supports your statement.

Day 4: Constructing an Argument and Model Revision

1. Generate a wiki page that outlines your evidence based argument.

Wiki pages will be evaluated according to the following:

Wiki Rubric

Important terms in the claim are defined. These definitions help to understand the importance of the claim.
Model(s) of a real world example that supports the claim are presented.The model(s) demonstrate the qualities of good scientific models. (Explanatory, Theory-based, Evidence Based, Accurate, Predictive)
An argument should be well organized, convincing, clear, and concise. This might be a paragraph or two but should not be too long.
Wiki Usage
The page should take advantage of the benefits of using a wiki.(The organization of the wiki page itself, table of contents, the discussion tab, multimedia, etc.)
Peer Evaluation
Use the following questions evaluate your own model and argument and one other from your group.

1. How does the model demoonstrate the qualities of a good model? Are they all present?